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How to Paint Wooden Furniture at Home

Painting Furniture - How to Paint Wooden Furniture at Home

With use, the paint becomes rotten wood furniture and old and worn out furniture furniture. In fact, the wooden furniture structure has remained intact over the years, it just takes the process of repainting to make it look like new. Process painted at home not hard furniture and you can do it yourself by following the suggestions below. Indonesian Furniture

Tools and materials needed for the job

Foam Roller
sand paper
Load of wood (mastic)
Knife testers wood
Paint & Coatings
Lacquer or sealing (optional)
Facial mask
Preparation of home furniture for the painting process

Choose a well ventilated place and use a sheet of cloth or plastic to place the furniture on it. Clean the area of ​​furniture and pitted, uneven and scratched content with a load of wood. Apply the wood pulp and wipe with a filling knife. Also use wood pulp to stick to strong joints. When drying the filler wood, use sand paper to obtain a smoother surface. Now, clean the furniture well with the fluid and with a lint-free cloth.

The use of Primer paint before painting

Useful primary to make a paint coating sufficiently attached to the wood and make the paint durable. Without primer, the paint peel off after a few months or a year. Use a paint brush on the corners and edges and roll on a flat surface to apply a primer. Do not worry about applying the primer however, it will be fixed to the next step. When the primer dries, sand with fine grain sand paper, and then wipe the sawdust.

Painting Home Furniture

Now the furniture is ready to apply the paint. Use the foam roller on a flat surface, then the paint brush on the uneven surface and the roller can not reach. Use paint conditioner to slow dry paint edge. It helps to make more layers of paint. Apply a second coat of paint if necessary and allow to dry.

Mastic or Lacquer

Although already finished, but for a shiny look, you can use paint-mastic at this late stage. It protects furniture from scratches and add shiny on it. Again, let the varnish dry properly before furniture.

Security measures

For your safety, use quality masks to prevent the harmful effects of chemical vapor paint. Make all these paints in a well ventilated and clear place. Use gloves and a full turn to protect the skin from the effects of toxic chemicals.

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