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Tips For Different Leather Product Types

Leather Product is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices in the fashion industry and furniture for this scratch-resistant material exudes elegance, flexibility and durability. Therefore, it is very nice for the production of clothing, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, upholstery and even binding. Leather is produced from skins of tanned animals but not like wool and other fur-bearing animals, as the source of the skin of the cattle has not been raised for the sole purpose of their skin. In fact, the production of animal skin is expanding contribution to the way we live.

The skin can be very expensive depending on the species. The most natural raw materials, priciernya. It is interesting to note that a variety of skin types most suitable for a variety of purposes and applications. Well, the type of leather used in elegant leather sofas may not be ideal for leather jacket for women in the same way that the leather used in the engine belt may not be the ideal choice for jackets For children motorcycle.

So to help you make a more informed decision on your grocery skin next to purchase, here are some general guidelines on skin type:

1. Full-time grain

The most popular and definitely more expensive type of skin is full flower. Hidden full use of cereals in its most natural form, therefore no sanding, grinding or polishing is performed on the raw materials to remove defects, wrinkles or imperfections. Hidden natural preserved animal marker has resulted in a beautiful natural design of materials that give a particular appeal to each section. Because no modification is made, full grain leather only requires the best raw materials of good quality. Another interesting feature of this type of skin is that instead of wearing it, which develops a patina, the desired luminosity appearing on the surface of the skin over a period of time to actually increase its value. Furniture and the best leather shoes in full grain leather.

2. High-grain

The second type of skin the highest quality is a higher grain. Unlike full-flowered, this type of skin has a "grain" in the top surface of the raw material is sanded and corrected to peel or no damage. A thin layer of shaving to deselect barbed wire may be, brand mark or even unsightly scars. After the last layer on the surface, which gives the most is added top grain and colder. Despite the higher grain will not develop a natural patina that is fun from time to time, but this is more resistant to staining and minor damage compared to the full flower. This type of skin is typically used in leather making leather tote bag and sofa.

3. fixed grain

Corrected grain is supposed to consist mainly of the skin occurs on the world market. Hides use this low quality which requires grinding of the original grain and polishing to remove scratches and imperfections are undesirable. Artificial uniform pattern that simulates the original grain after decorated as a substitute, and then further enhanced with the dye. This is less than the first two types and is very resistant to wear and tear. El-grain corrected is used in upholstery and clothing.

4. Breakdown of skin

The most vulnerable among all types of leather, cracked leather made from the lower layers of the skin or on the side. Artificial coating applied to the surface and embossed grain pattern to restore the natural look. Split leather, used for Ante, commonly used in the footwear industry, and more recently in the furniture industry. Furniture manufacturers adopt cheap leather part features easy to clean and clear, with a low price!

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